You want to make a Story?

So before we go any further one thing needs to be made clear, this is not for everybody. 8 at of 10 people who apply to create with us do not get past the first hurdle and our judgements are not down to the quality of work. We are not trying to go viral, we are trying to leave a legacy. That means we are not looking for heaps and heaps of content on the site, we are looking for people who have long-term goals, really big dreams and the time and drive to make it as your still reading lets move forward.

What are we lookin for?

If you a passionate about anything and want to get involved in some way it will always be worth sending a message but specifically right now due to the orientation of CrownRoot and the other sibling companies we are looking for people involved in Comics, Animations, and Games. To be more specific on are priorities we are looking for writers, pencilers, inkers and colours to get involved in new and established story worlds.

I don't think I'm good 🙁

No problem, this is an atmosphere rooted in teaching and training. Vincent Baidoo the owner never went to University and then ended up having a University pay him to research how he created everything you see now. The program you would enter will effectively teach you how to teach yourself which in this day in age is more than possible. The biggest jumps in improvement to any type of art we think is generated: 1 by knowing that what you are making is being viewed buy those who will actually give it there focus and 2 by playing smaller roles within bigger projects along side people who have the skills you would like to develop. We have seen time and time again practice and consistency will overtake talent every time in the grand scheme of things, which is the scheme we are surfing 😉

I'm a Pro and like how you do things!

Thanks! We would love to work with you too. We are open to a whole host of ways to operate from taking material you have already created to making something new and fresh and possibly even getting some trainees involved if not just an all out collaboration melee. Every project is treated as a unique opportunity so there is no blanket formula for any aspect including payment. We are well aware of all the unethical practices that have happened in every industry which usually involve the artist and creator getting the short straw...this is not the wave were on. At the same time after over 12 years of professional interaction, we are just as aware of people who like the idea of being a creative but don't make the grade from the start (and more annoying) sometimes its right at the end they crumble. Let's start a dialog, let's be clear in our communication, let's make some sweet stuff.

Check list

  • I know what I like
  • I know what I want to make
  • I know what I have to offer
  • I know what I want to learn
  • I am consistency in what I do
  • I am honest in my communication
  • I am prepared to do some "1st"

Lets do this!

Vincent's personal email is To make things clear you could put "PROJECT" in capital letters as the subject, the obvious down side of this being a personal email is there is a lot to get through in a day but you can be patient or email again after a few days you will not be judged either way and he will get back to you. Every new project becomes a game changer one way or other so we all look forward to your proposals.