Transmedia is at the center of CrownRoot, this means that all of our StoryWorlds are very real to us and though we do alot of teaching we never stop studying and expanding as well. Our current new frontier is gaming and believe once we get going were not going to stop. Check out how things are going below on this page...

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CrownRoot Arena

Platform: Discord

CrownRoot arena is a groundbreaking gaming bot for the Discord platform.It is going to have all of our characters from all of our StoryWorlds battling out with items and environments from our comics and animations. The game is a mix of mental strategy, poker like relationship with you opponents and a very slight element of luck like in a game battleships. You don't want to miss this one!


Kachina's Legacy (In Beta)

Platform: Desktop/Browser

Kachina's Legacy is going to be the start of a brand new StoryWorld. The game is an action RPG filled with magic, strategy, exploration, and distractions. Take control of Kachina, a rebellious teenage Fairy as she wakes up after the start of her initiation into her path of adulthood in the authoritarian area of the Triple Black Forest. If you like old school Zelda, your going to love this game. If you would like to help with the Beta testing join the Discord and ask for details.



Platform: Nintendo Switch

Takae is a game based within the StoryWorld of Trinity Witches. The game will be a Dark Horror RPG where you play as a young Takae trying to keep her sister alive whilst trying to do the same for herself if possible. Wrestle with intense choices, action packed fights and amazing details that help further paint the picture that is Trinity Witches. If you like Horror, story driven RPG's this will be the one for you. Very graphic and upsetting narrative.


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If you wan t to find out more about our games, see working progress details, ask spesific question or just talk about nerdy stuff in genral come and join our discord commmunity!