Our Company

Welcome to CrownRoot Publications, we are a Transmedial company that creates Comics, Games and sometimes Animations whilst teaching everything we know to grow opportunities and confidence in our community. If we had a superpower it would be consistency and execution, we have years of practical experience and tons we want to share...


Here at CrownRoot, we think big...REAL BIG. We believe that everyone's perspective in life is as big as a world itself and so we create StoryWorlds to express ourselves. Our StoryWorld's are presented in multiple formats with many more to come! To see behind the scenes as they get made join us on our Discord

Want to learn?

We have taught people with zero experience, we have taught people who then went to University, we have taught people on the verge of going to prison, we have taught people who then set up their own companies, we have taught people one on one who get homeschooled, we have taught groups of people at community centers, we have taught people with mental illnesses, we have taught people with terminal illnesses, we have taught people at convention and we teach people online.
When the student is ready the teacher will appear...no matter what, where or who you are!

Our StoryWorlds


This is how you can read all of our content, get all the infomation when things are in a working progress, speak to all of our creators in a private and get first try on anything we create. Come and join the CrownRoot famila...we all make stuff!


If you want to get a feel for the creator of this website you can visit their personal instagram @southblessed but the Discord where you can get a feel for everyone who is involved in making the CrownRoot Community what it is!