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Firstly lets explain how to use the website:

All comics are free to download once you have logged in, if you like what you have read you can add that item to your basket (order quickly to get 1st and 2nd editions).

At the bottom of a comics description you will find the "Transmedial Pads", inside you will find links to Videos, Animations, Games and Music that relates to the StoryWorld you are currently looking at.

Rating comics is as fundamental to CrownRoot as you buying them physically! Our first and main ballot will determine not only which StoryWorld is most popular but out of all the "Root Comics" which ones will go to print for the next convention we are sponsoring.

Next to the description of a comic you will find the "Additional Information" tab. Click here to find what edition is currently being sold. 1st edition means you can still get a copy from the very first print run of a comic. 2nd editions means that you will receive a copy from the 2nd print run, we make a point of stating and selling these as part of our training program is to go over old stories and upgrade the art making some of these comics 1st editions in there own right. "Pop" means that the product has had more than 2 print runs.

If you see "Unfinished" in the additional information this means the comic still has extra pages to be created, check back to see its progress and at this point feed back can still effect the final outcome (possibly depending on artist).

"Crown Comics" are our the professionally made stories created usually with multiple participants.
"Root Comics" are created buy those on our training tell us when you think they should be upgraded!

Our Aim

The aim of CrownRoot is to be the foundation of multiple StoryWorlds that start as comics that will later have animations, games and a whole host of other Transmedial experiences. Being the publishing arm of a Transmedial collective means that this has all ready manifested and we just maintain the mindset of growth and teaching.

CrownRoot was created by Vincent Baidoo-Lowe who created his first Transmedial company at 15 years old. CrownRoot it self was born out of a research project between Vince and the University of West England as they researched him and how he positively effects the community around him with the use of media and technology.

Watch this video filmed in our old studio for more insight.


Transmedia is 1 of the many ways that CrownRoot elevates itself from other publishers alongside teaching and supporting the community. there is a strong belief within the organisation that as technology doubles each year the opportunities to tell stories across different media becomes easier and easier, we just put our time and money where are mouth is. Here is a video to go over the basics of Transmedia.

We encourage our Authors and Artists, Directors and Producers to crate content that is the same format as the actually media that they enjoy digesting, no matter how epic that may be! If you want to come on a journey with us please click ADVENTURE

Looking for more?

CrownRoot along with South-Blessed is creating multiple StoryWorlds, promoting established and unknown artist whilst also providiong a way for disadvantaged youth to make money in a highly creative environment.

Click on the Transmedia Tab at the top of the site to see our other media and to get in contact with us, click the sliders below to see links to our collaborates, funders and organisations we sponsor. Bonus


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Gave us funding.


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