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Welcome to CrownRoot, this is the comic publishing sibling to South-Blessed where independent and professional stories are distributed. Please have a look around and if there is anything you like, go ahead and download, as all digital copies are free. When your interest has peaked make an order as all complete issues can be ordered physically as well...1st and 2nd edition are limited tho!

What Else?

CrownRoot is proud to say that our business model is completely unique. Being in a Transmedial collective with South-Blessed we have been helping communities from our inception. On the one hand, we go and find young inspiring artist and give them a chance to be published physically whilst training them in both talent and confidence, all with the potential that their stories will also be turned into animations, games and much more. On the other hand, the products we create are sold around the UK by disadvantaged people giving them a chance at creating a legal income in a time where even the over qualified find it hard to get jobs. Please click to find out more.

The Comics

All of our comics are printed A4 with pages created specifically for that size at 300dpi, the PDF's are scaled down online to save on size. We post our comics from the United Kingdom but ship Worldwide!

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Comic Ratings

Here at CrownRoot, we know that even the youngest, inexperienced or unknown artist could be the next big thing! By voting on which stories you enjoy the most not only will you shape how CrownRoot moves forward but you can actually help generate income for those who we work with as we decide who to print physically as we go to Anime/Manga/Comic/Gaming Convention around the year. There are some fun ones in there too 😉

More Comics

Here at CrownRoot, there are only a couple of rules as it relates to stories resulting in many different types being present on the site. Please take the time to download them all as you may not find you favorite the first time, hopefully, the front covers will point you in the right direction but if you don't get the right one first time make sure you check everything we have to offer.

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